Color Me Mexico

A bilingual coloring book of the Mexican States

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Oh Sh*t! I Think I'm Gay.

A coming out book

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Teachers Speak

What I always wanted to tell my principal but never dared.

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Heal from Breakup:

When Your Head Won't Stop Thinking and Your Heart Won't Stop Feeling

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Bacher is passionate about bringing people’s stories Into the light, and really finding words that speak our truth. Word are powerful, and can be healing. She believes reading should be enjoyable, and rejects the pretense of academia. We need to truly connect with each other now more than ever… Read More

Heal From Breakup Review

"Heal From Break Up is jam-packed with hard-earned wisdom. The author speaks from experience in a brutally honest yet sincerely caring way.

She approaches her topic from many angles: Emotionally, spiritually, physically with boatloads of common sense. What I believe I liked most about Ms. Bacher’s book (besides her honesty) is her willingness to throw societal ‘shoulds and oughts’ out the window if they did not work."


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