The story behind Julie Bacher

It begins…

Growing up as a lesbian in rural Vermont in the 1970’s was not easy for Julie Bacher because she didn’t want to be gay. While she wished very hard NOT to be, that wish was never her reality. Struggling with identity can be tough for someone in their youth.

Bacher is passionate about bringing people’s stories Into the light, and really finding words that speak our truth. Word are powerful, and can be healing. She believes reading should be enjoyable, and rejects the pretense of academia. We need to truly connect with each other now more than ever.

Bacher realized she had a skill not everyone has: making people feel better. Julie refers to her “pep-talks” with her friends resulting in easing their fears when they were feeling down.

Today Julie Bacher is a teacher and writer with an interest in Buddhism and spirituality. She has studied with such teachers as Tara Brach and Sarah Wiseman. She lives with her partner in California.

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